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Why Smart Money Lenders and Investors for Residential Projects Should Seek EnergySmart Teams and Contractors

Your presenter, Sharla Riead, is the owner and lead trainer at Accurate Rater Network and she will speak on energy mortgages and EnergySmart teams.

It is no secret that private sector lenders and investors are risk averse when making loans and mortgages. However, to survive they also must constantly seek opportunities to invest the trillions of dollars in pent-up capital that they control into what they consider to be reasonably safe investments. Loans for new construction depend on the income and credit-worthiness of the buyers. Utility savings that can be expected from properly installed energy efficiency features are seldom considered. Loans for energy upgrades on existing homes depend on homeowner income and credit-worthiness as well as the abilities of those performing the upgrades to get the job done in a professional and timely manner. However, lenders are aware of the chaotic and undisciplined nature of the energy retrofit industries are justifiably reluctant to offer any project funding.

This is highly unfortunate because those of us in the energy efficiency, green/sustainable, renewable energy industries have documented proof that well executed and properly installed energy efficiency and renewable energy systems can more than pay for themselves. It is not unusual for a deep energy retrofit to provide a quick payback and ongoing abundant Return-On-Investment (ROI). Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEMs) and Energy Improvement Mortgages (EIMs) use calculated utility savings to boost the income side of the loan decision, increase the value of the property, and support the safety of the investment. In short; the home owner or buyer qualifies for the mortgage; the house qualifies for the energy mortgage.

What appears to be lacking is a controlled, systematic approach to making sure that the trade contractors, energy professionals, HVAC companies and others involved in energy efficiency and renewable energy industries are trained and certified, that the project schedule is professionally overseen, and that the results of the energy improvements are verified and documented. This session will cover energy mortgages, EnergySmart contractors and EnergySmart teams. The mechanics of energy mortgages will be explained as well as how EnergySmart builders, contractors and teams lessen risk for mortgage companies. Also discussed is how EnergySmart teams bring the design/build discipline of new construction to the energy improvement marketplace for existing homes.

Home Owners, Home Buyers, HERS Raters, builders, contractors and lenders will all want to attend and learn more about how EnergySmart Teams can open the door to this incredible financing tool.

This is a FREE online presentation that will be live on Monday, October 31, 2016 at 8 PM Central Time at the Fall EGM Connect 3D Virtual Tradeshow.

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