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The Most Active Avatar Participants Become Eligible to Win an Amazon Echo Dot at EGMC3D Tradeshow

Join us for the Spring 2017 live version of the EGM Connect 3D Virtual Tradeshow on April 6th through 8th, 2017 AND

The Most Active Avatar Participants Become Eligible to Win an Amazon Echo Dot! (Photo on left)

Participate on April 6th, 7th or 8th, 2017 and learn more about:
• Passive House (Passiv Haus) construction using BUILDSMART prefab Passive House insulated panels
• Energy mortgages, crowdfunding & green appraisals for advanced projects by GEM - Green Energy Money
• State-of-the-art range hood and ventilation systems by Air King and much, much more!

Please use this link to register:
Please watch this video to learn how to register:

HERE IS YOUR PERSONAL INVITATION FLYER INCLUDING THE FREE OFFER: Personal Invitation To The Spring 2017 EGMC3D Tradeshow Plus FREE Offer Please Forward

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Spring 2017 EGM Connect 3D Virtual Tradeshow VR Platform Gets Hyper Boost Press Release

Spring 2017 EGM Connect 3D Virtual Tradeshow VR Platform Gets Hyper Boost Press Release

How can an online virtual 3D experience come closer to the real thing? By having the tradeshow VR platform selected for the exclusive HTC VIVE X program.

In many ways a virtual reality or VR tradeshow experience can replicate an in-person visit but VR technology will always be in a state of improvement. Sometimes a company gets recognition for their achievements in their particular industry.

Ken Riead, Executive Host of the EGMC3D Tradeshows, is proud to announce that the VR platform of choice, Hyperfair, has been chosen among the 33 world’s most promising VR/AR companies. His quote:

“The virtual experience that Hyperfair gives the viewer as their avatar walks around a virtual tradeshow is exceptionally good, given the limitations of today’s Internet access speeds. Hyperfair's VR future is wide open.”

Here is the link to the press release:

By adminken / March 28, 2017

Latest EGM Connect Press Release Becomes Featured on EIN Newswire

The March 27th, 2017 press release from EGM Connect 3D Virtual Tradeshows entitled: "Meet and Greet Guide for the Spring 2017 EGM Connect 3D Virtual Tradeshow" became a featured article by EIN Newswire-Presswire. To quote the Executive Host of the EGMC3D Tradeshows from this release: "We now live in a time where it is possible to have all the modern conveniences without paying any energy bills. Meet the pioneers who help make it happen"

Click on the following link to view the release

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Theme for Spring 2017 Tradeshow is “Going Off the Grid”

New products, technologies and strategies for making homes and businesses extremely energy efficient and smart are becoming available daily. Where can you find information about these new innovations in a convenient, all-in-one location that's available 24/7 on the Internet?

Why the answer is, of course, the Spring 2017 EGM Connect 3D Virtual Tradeshow! New sponsors, exhibitors, products and technologies will be showcased in the spring show plus many of the Fall 2016 tradeshow exhibitors and sponsors are available as well. The Spring 2017 tradeshow begins on April 6th, 2017 and runs through the 8th and then will remain available until the fall show.

There is no reason to wait until the Spring 2017 show to visit the tradeshow. Booths, products and information are available now for your inspection and to attend the tradeshow is FREE so just go to:

We'll see you there!

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Spring 2017 EGM Connect 3D Virtual Tradeshow Scheduled April 6th through 8th 2017

Based on the successful fall 2016 tradeshow, the Spring 2017 EGMC3D show offers new sponsors, new exhibitors and new presenters along with many staying from the previous show.

That's right, the EGMC3D virtual tradeshows are available online 24/7 so you can visit the booths and exhibitions as often as you like and anytime you like.

Information about the new sponsors, exhibitors and featured presentations will be posted on April 10th, 2017. Until then please check out the booths, products, brochures and recorded presentations available in the auditorium at:

Thank you!

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Presentation on the Road to Zero-Energy and Self Sufficiency Wall

As your avatar walks around inside the Fall 2016 EGM Connect 3D Virtual Tradeshow you will see a wall showing a road with signs indicating a pathway to zero-energy and self sufficiency. The road signs on this wall can only briefly touch on some of the topics involved if you undertake this journey.

Ken Riead, the speaker for this presentation, will clarify why it makes sense to follow this road as indicated and will cover each of the following topics in further detail:

Energy Audits and HERS* Home Energy Ratings: Ken will explain the difference between a typical residential energy audit and a comprehensive 'investment grade' energy rating and why the private financing and investment sectors prefer and often require the latter.

Clean & Renewable Energy Plus Efficiency: Why most residential renewable energy installations may not be as beneficial as most people think and why energy efficiency is always the best first course of action to take before sizing a renewable energy system.

Green Products and Technologies Including Water Conservation: It is becoming clear that droughts and water scarcity are emerging as serious concerns and also the fact that many green products and technologies will not help in saving energy.

Health Testing and Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ): It is well documented that people now spend most of their time indoors and that poorly ventilated, constructed and maintained residences can be detrimental to your health. Asthma in children is on the rise and is reaching epidemic proportions and how health tests performed on a home by certified technicians can provide valuable guidance on how to mitigate problem areas.

Smart Home - Smart Grid and Connected Devices: The movement toward smart homes containing inter-connected devices is gaining momentum and the cost of home automation products and technologies is reaching affordability for many home owners. Reducing energy consumption using home automation can be tricky to achieve and what you can do to gain the most from smart home devices.

Design Charrettes and Team Project Planning Approaches: Why builders tend to use standard construction practices and minimum codes to build homes, apartments, condos and other residential buildings and how these practices often leave the eventual occupants uncomfortable, unhealthy and expensive units to heat and cool. To achieve stated goals of zero-energy or healthy indoor environments or other desired results it is recommended for owners to be involved in the design and construction phases of their projects.

Energy Mortgage and Green Financing: Long term studies and well researched documents all point to energy efficient and green homes maintaining more value than conventionally built versions. Most existing homes are very energy inefficient and that deep energy retrofits can save 50 percent or more on ongoing energy bills. These savings can be documented and used to help secure financing from progressive private sector lenders, investors and even crowd funding programs.

Ken will cover each of these topics and more in his presentation on October 31st at 8 PM Central Time at the Fall 2016 EGM Connect 3D Virtual Tradeshow.

*HERS - Home Energy Rating Systems (For more information please go to :

By adminken / September 28, 2016

Why Smart Money Lenders and Investors for Residential Projects Should Seek EnergySmart Teams and Contractors

Your presenter, Sharla Riead, is the owner and lead trainer at Accurate Rater Network and she will speak on energy mortgages and EnergySmart teams.

It is no secret that private sector lenders and investors are risk averse when making loans and mortgages. However, to survive they also must constantly seek opportunities to invest the trillions of dollars in pent-up capital that they control into what they consider to be reasonably safe investments. Loans for new construction depend on the income and credit-worthiness of the buyers. Utility savings that can be expected from properly installed energy efficiency features are seldom considered. Loans for energy upgrades on existing homes depend on homeowner income and credit-worthiness as well as the abilities of those performing the upgrades to get the job done in a professional and timely manner. However, lenders are aware of the chaotic and undisciplined nature of the energy retrofit industries are justifiably reluctant to offer any project funding.

This is highly unfortunate because those of us in the energy efficiency, green/sustainable, renewable energy industries have documented proof that well executed and properly installed energy efficiency and renewable energy systems can more than pay for themselves. It is not unusual for a deep energy retrofit to provide a quick payback and ongoing abundant Return-On-Investment (ROI). Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEMs) and Energy Improvement Mortgages (EIMs) use calculated utility savings to boost the income side of the loan decision, increase the value of the property, and support the safety of the investment. In short; the home owner or buyer qualifies for the mortgage; the house qualifies for the energy mortgage.

What appears to be lacking is a controlled, systematic approach to making sure that the trade contractors, energy professionals, HVAC companies and others involved in energy efficiency and renewable energy industries are trained and certified, that the project schedule is professionally overseen, and that the results of the energy improvements are verified and documented. This session will cover energy mortgages, EnergySmart contractors and EnergySmart teams. The mechanics of energy mortgages will be explained as well as how EnergySmart builders, contractors and teams lessen risk for mortgage companies. Also discussed is how EnergySmart teams bring the design/build discipline of new construction to the energy improvement marketplace for existing homes.

Home Owners, Home Buyers, HERS Raters, builders, contractors and lenders will all want to attend and learn more about how EnergySmart Teams can open the door to this incredible financing tool.

This is a FREE online presentation that will be live on Monday, October 31, 2016 at 8 PM Central Time at the Fall EGM Connect 3D Virtual Tradeshow.

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Dan Chiras Presents on Chinese Greenhouses – Growing Bountiful Healthy Food Off-Grid

Cover of High-Performance Off-Grid Chinese Greenhouses by Dan Chiras

Dan Chiras has published close to 400 articles and 35 books including best-sellers such as: The Natural House, Power from the Sun, The Solar House and The Homeowner's Guide to Renewable Energy. Dan now lives in a self-sufficient off-grid farm in Gerald, Missouri where he walks the talk, especially when it comes to healthy living. His presentation on Chinese Greenhouses could not be more timely with the growing concern over the national food supply.

Let's face it; we all have to eat and growing your own naturally healthy food makes economic and common sense.

Dan will present on the topic of Chinese Greenhouses and how people can build their own to produce healthy, organic food off-grid and sustainably. This is one presentation that you probably don't want to miss.

This is a FREE online presentation that will be live on Saturday, October 29th, 2016 at 8 PM Central Standard Time at the Fall EGM Connect 3D Virtual Tradeshow.

Use this link to register:

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Kevin Kennedy Presents on Healthy Home Air Quality Testing at EGM Connect 3D Virtual Fall 2016 Tradeshow

Kevin Kennedy, Managing Director of the Center for Environmental Health at Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics, will speak about the current status of health testing technician certifications and the importance of a quality assured team approach to holistically addressing the cause of indoor health issues plus how to properly address and correct them. Sometimes a quick fix will suffice but, more often than not, a more thorough and deeper remediation is required and qualified personnel are and will be needed for these more sophisticated repairs and retrofits.

Studies show that people tend to spend the majority of their time indoors and that indoor air quality can be more contaminated and unhealthy than outdoor air. Many times a case can be made for an energy or heat recovery ventilator or better air filtration or other remediation option but the question remains as to how and when to determine the best course of action for a particular set of problems.

Testing homes for indoor air quality problems will be a growing industry for many years to come and certified residential energy professionals are well positioned to be in the forefront of these health initiatives. There is no fee associated to viewing Kevin’s presentation but you do have to register to gain access to the virtual auditorium.

This is a FREE online presentation that will be live on Friday, October 28, 2016 at 8 PM Central Standard Time at the Fall EGM Connect 3D Virtual Tradeshow.

Use this link to register: